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June 30, 2011


Here are some of my favourite books on illustration, education, art and design. I’ll update this post regularly to bring you a growing list of ¬†inspirational books to read.


 Ch-ch-ch-changes: Artist talk about teaching

Interviews by John Reardon with leading names in Art education. A must have if far as I’m concerned.

Available on Amazon


Teaching Illustration

Steven Heller collected illustration courses for different levels. These courses can be inspirational when writing your own lessons as a teacher or by ‘taking’ them as a student.

Available on Amazon


The World must Change

A fantasticly wonderful book about the history of Dutch Graphic Design and Idealism

No longer in print, might still be available second hand

June 29, 2011

Michael Sporn’s Animation Blog

This is a great Animation Blog/resource. Especially when you want to see how (analogue) illustration works.

Here are some stills of Pinocchio

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